Simple Office Space Calculator

There are tons of office space calculators, but most are not very flexible. For this reason, LeaseMatrix created a simple spreadsheet-based calculator which readers can download free and save as needed.


Download Excel File: Office Space Calculator

Posted with permission from LeaseMatrix, the industry’s first 100% cloud-based, mobile-friendly lease analysis application built specifically for Tenants and Tenant Advisors. (704) 750-1031

Richard Neuman is an Owner’s Rep and Move Consultant with NY based Relocation Management Solutions, Inc.

4 Comments on Simple Office Space Calculator

  1. Christine S. // November 7, 2013 at 10:36 am // Reply

    This is a very helpful tool; thanks for posting it.

  2. THX

    Think about putting a definition of CAF or loss factor along w/this…and if you’d like talk w/me about how you might be able to add a FREE real time currency and space converter for cross border transactions. Most any country/measurement with the appropriate currency symbol.

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