5.5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Computer for an Office Move

pack-computerComputers, monitors and peripherals are essential for businesses to operate after a commercial relocation.  Following a few simple steps will help protect your equipment from damage and ensure the equipment arrives at it destination and ready for re-installation.

1) Make sure your employees log off and shut down the evening before the move.  Employees are usually not present on move day, so when IT or the movers come in to dismantle your system and find a password protected computer still on, their only recourse is to pull the plug.  This risks data loss and/or data corruption.
2) Disconnect the wires from the monitor.  If you can’t, then wrap the power and video cables around the monitor base, not the LCD screen. Wrapping cords around the LCD screen leaves the monitor susceptible to scratches from the plugs and cables.
3) Place the adhesive mover’s label with your destination information anywhere accept the face of the LCD screen. Adhesive residue can stick to the screen which is difficult to remove post move.
4) Movers usually provide 14″ X 28″ clear zip lock bags for peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, speakers, etc.  Place all these items in the bags to keep your items together.  Place two a mover’s destination labels, one outside and one visible inside the bag.
5) Label your other peripherals with the mover’s destination sticker, including the computer monitor, scanners, printer and CPU.
5.5) Pack your extension cords, power cords, network cables and any other loose items in the zip lock bag and label.

1 Comment on 5.5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Computer for an Office Move

  1. Computers are the essential part of your office space. Every work is done on computers. They are also very sensitive devices which need to be taken care of. You should look into these steps for packing your computers before relocation, as your work might suffer if any of these devices gets damaged in the process.

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