Hiding Those Unsightly and Messy Conference Room Wires

Are you looking for some ideas on how to eloquently hide cables in and on conference rooms and conference room tables? If you have multiple cables that sit on top the of the tables and management does not want to have to dive underneath the tables to plug in, what product lines should you be looking at?

There are great sources for integrating power and data into furniture and an abundant supply of choices based on your particular power/data needs and the look you are trying to create in your conference rooms.

Most common and central to some tabletops are flip top lids in steel boxes revealing electric sockets, data and multimedia ports. The power, data and multimedia ports come from a floor box (connected to underfloor electric) situated in the middle of the footprint.

Some popular manufacturers include:
Doug Mockett & Company
AMP Interconnect for undercarpet line and data solutions
ECA-ElectriCable Assemblies

RapidRun Cabling System
This is my favorite product and it was recently used to get us out of a bind on a job site.  We needed at least two (2) 2″ conduits core drilled and installed between a wall-mounted flat screen and the conference room table.  These conduits were to hold VGA, USB, HDMI, composite audio/video, 3.5mm stereo and four Cat6 cables. It’s a lot of thick cables.  But when the GC advised that due to the floor construction they could only accommodate one (1) conduit, it wasn’t large enough for all this cable and connectors.

Our solution was RapidRun, a modular cable system that consists of a runner cable and a selection of flying leads (connectors). One plenum rated cable supports multiple signal types and configurations over a single cable that eliminates the need to pull multiple cables with their thick connectors. It handles PC/Video for computers, video displays and digital signage, multimedia such as High Definition, Studio Equipment Interconnects, HD and Web Video Distribution and Digital Runners.

The breakaway adaptors include flying leads and wall plates to accommodate most audio and video installations.

This easy to install product with its various selection of terminations makes this a truly versatile product for your office multimedia.

3 Comments on Hiding Those Unsightly and Messy Conference Room Wires

  1. Tony Santarsieri // July 18, 2012 at 8:13 am // Reply

    Visuals would really help sell your point. A CEO I worked for never wanted to see a wire. In conference rooms everything was under the boardroom table and out of site.

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