Why you need a Project Manager to help with your office move.

Companies often lack the experience and time to manage the overwhelming challenges and short timelines associated with site selection, build out and relocation.  A Project Manager, aka Owner’s or Tenant Representative is YOUR agent and advocate as you find your new location and construct or modernize your existing facilities through relocation. Whether the landlord is providing a turn-key build out or the tenant is hiring the design and construction team, Project Managers guide the tenant through the process from concept to relocation. They help you manage your projects to minimize risks, prevent problems and eliminate surprises to ensure on‐time and on‐budget completion.

You want the best design team and contractor for your unique situation. However, do they have your best interest as their only motivation? Or do you need your own independent expert to keep the project team focused on what benefits YOU the most?

Who is looking after your interests?

Owner’s Rep/Project Managers focus on the overall “Big Picture” through all phases of the project. This includes total project budget, project schedule. explains the design and construction processes, techniques and terminology, manages project quality to your benefit instead of the agenda of others, runs construction meetings, provides guidance in procuring furniture, voice and data, and prepares and manages the relocation.

There are many phases and challenges Project Manager’s oversee on behalf of the tenant in either a landlord or tenant build out situation:


  • Interview tenant’s staff to develop adjacencies and programming
  • Assemble project team
  • Create project schedules, budgets and assist in securing financing


  • Assist with selection of Tenant Rep Real Estate Broker
  • Review potential sites and leasing options
  • Negotiate Tenant Improvement Work Letter


  • Prepare budgets and review payments for approval
  • Review program changes and impact of additional work requests on the budget


  • Develop the architect’s request for proposal and negotiate terms of the contracts
  • Represent Client in meetings
  • Review interior layout for proper circulation and recommend basic materials and systems

DESIGN LAYOUT & REVIEW                                                     

  • Lead Project team assembly which may include Expeditors, Cost Estimators, security, telecom/data and other systems & equipment vendors
  • Verify that materials, finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and all other systems meet the Clients requirements
  • Review proper placement of power, voice/data cabling as it relates to equipment


  • Develop the contractor’s RFP and assist in contractor selection
  • Recommend and negotiate contracts with consultants/engineers


  • Facilitate Project Meetings and manage construction phase through completion
  • Review the removal and replacement of defective work
  • Prevent unnecessary Change Orders
  • Monitor shop drawings
  • Respond to Client and Architect regarding early warning signals of construction issues and advise how to avoid or mitigate potential problems


  • Develop an inventory of furniture and equipment; determine requirements for new items to establish a furniture and equipment budget
  • Work with client, architect, furniture installers and vendors to determine new furniture needs
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Coordinate and oversee schedule, delivery and installation of FF&E with the vendors


  • Assist In-House or outsourced IT Department
  • Work with the data/cabling contractors for design and installation of cable plan, IT closets, terminations, patch panels, ladder racks, equipment racks and pathways.
  • Generate heat load calculations for appropriate supplemental HVAC cooling requirements
  • Coordinate schedule and installation
  • Provide assistance in design of security and/or video surveillance system


  • Conduct post-move walkthrough and resolve all issues to the satisfaction of client


  • Ensure relocated equipment fits in its planned location and has appropriate power and data
  • Generate seating labels
  • Prepare Requests for Proposals for Relocation Contractors and review bids
  • Ensure that all floor, wall, hallway and elevator surfaces are protected during the moves
  • Ensure that Movers pack and unpack all equipment and furniture correctly


  • Coordinate approvals such as final Certificate of Occupancy
  • Monitor progress of As-built drawing preparations
  • Monitor tests of mechanical equipment, upon substantial completion of the building
  • Assist Client in setting up required maintenance contracts
  • Assure all guaranties and warranties are submitted to the Client

So, are you prepared to handle all these tasks while simultaneously trying to operate your business? Project Managers reduce the stress and are an integral part of any move process.

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