Tenant Office Fit Out – What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

Tenants, be forewarned.  Whether it be a landlord or tenant fit out, you have the right to reject poor craftsmanship and faulty products.

Say what?

Many tenants are often intimidated or too willing to accept deficiencies because the problem may have been noticed too late or for fear of creating a delay or incurring additional costs to make it right.  This is when your project manager is most effective by catching problems architects unwittingly miss; contractors unintentionally cause and issues vendors and movers may overlook.

A project managers role as the tenant’s advocate is to see it coming—and know how to solve the problems that arise.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

A little rough around the edges

This wall was sheetrocked, taped, spackled, sanded and painted…..poorly.  When this was pointed out, the sub shook his head in disbelief that we found this unacceptable.  Would you accept this?

Got Bubbles?


These 3-Form translucent resin panels are a beautiful product used as a room divider. Manufacturers defects are bound to occur – like a bubble/hole that was evident in one of the six panels as shown on the right. So why did the installer, who clearly noticed the defect, hang the product anyway? And not tell anyone? This was noticed during a site visit and the panel was promptly replaced by 3-Form.

Some sauce with that spaghetti?

Plans called for two wall sconces here. The electricians clearly did not think through how the conduit run would affect design intent.  This was ultimately ripped out and sheetrocked to hide most of the remaining conduit.

Not close enough for comfort

Seriously? The flooring contractor actually thought this was acceptable.

Optical illusion? Or… hanging a little to the right?

If you look carefully at the bottom white insert of this wall sconce, you’ll notice the cover is shorter on the left and taller on the right. The electrician said it was an optical illusion. We disagreed and this product was exchanged.

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