Moving Your Office – “Tools” of the Trade

Planning your commercial move means your moving company quotes will contain line items filled with unfamiliar terms like “conveyors”, “commercial bin” or “plastic tote”.  To add to the difficulty, each moving company sales representative sees the same job differently, so your quotes may vary.  But whether it is a large piece of furniture, a cubicle that needs to be knocked down and rebuilt or heavy piece of machinery, it will eventually be removed and placed in the back of a truck.

Movers must provide the proper tools and equipment for the crew to relocate your items safely and efficiently. Remember that time is money and overtime can be costly after an 8 hour day.  It is important to identify all of the items you will need relocated to ensure the proper mover’s equipment is budgeted for.  If you’re not sure how something will be moved, ask your sales rep to clarify so the equipment is budgeted.

The last thing you want is a surprise on move day. If shelving needs to be knocked down and reinstalled, ensure there are proper hand and power tools on the truck as well as bolts or wall toggles to reinstall them. If a heavy safe needs to be moved, make sure a J-Bar and Roller Jacks are included.

Here are some tools of the trade to help you:

Packing at Origin

Packing Tape Legal Tote
Plastic Crates  Keyboard Bag
 Bubble Wrap
 Paper Moving Pads
Library Cart or Conveyor  Commercial Bin
Blankets  Shrink Wrap


Hand Truck
Roller Lift or Jack
Fork Lift
Pallett Jack
Panel Cart
 Tool Bag

Protection at Origin and Destination

Masonite –
Floor/Wall Protection
Carpet Protection Film
or Rolled Plastic
Corner or
Door Buck Protection

Placards and Labels


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