For Commercial Tenants Leasing New Space, What Value Does a Project Manager Offer?

“Owner’s Reps” are also known as “Project Managers” or Tenant Rep Project Manager and should not be confused with a Tenant Rep Real Estate Broker who exclusively represent the tenant during lease negotiations.

A real estate construction and relocation project is not an every-day event for most businesses. There are numerous tasks like space planning, adjacencies, construction oversight, leveling bids and managing installations for furniture, phones,
audio/visual, networking systems, signage, and designing a phased move plan that ensures minimal disruption to your business.

Because corporations generally move once every ten years, it is highly unlikely anyone on staff will have the experience and tools to oversee a landlord or tenant construction project and seamless move.  Project Managers are the client’s trusted advisor and advocate guiding the company and its employees through the construction and relocation process – cradle to cubicle.

Hiring an Owner’s Rep can keep you and your staff free to focus on your core business, while they bring extensive project management experience to your service.  An Owner’s Rep is not a full-time employee of the building Owner or Commercial Tenant.  The Owner’s Rep is brought in on a contract basis to handle all aspects of space programming, site selection, construction oversight and relocation planning, typically when those resources do not exist in-house.  The Owner’s Rep affords the owner or tenant access to tools, industry knowledge, and experience in running projects without the ongoing burden of carrying additional staff to support these needs.

When should you involve an Owner’s / Tenant Rep Project Manager?

It is critical that the Owner’s Rep be involved as early in the project as possible, even prior to engaging a real estate broker.  The Owner’s Rep you retain will have the skill set to work with the client to define a proper space program, user requirements, engage and support the real estate broker, write RFP’s, review and level bids for design and construction team members, supervise tenant vendors, create a phased relocation plan that minimizes disruption through to punch list.

How does one select an architect, engineer, or construction manager?

The Owner’s Rep will frequently be the point person in qualification and selection of key consultants such as architect, engineer, and construction manager.  It is important to keep in mind that successful project execution results from the strength of the individuals involved, rather than that of companies.  A skilled Owner’s Rep will lead the Owner through the process of assembling a project team optimized to meet business objectives.

Owner’s Representatives are a vital part of the Owner’s team of professionals.

At the onset of project site selection, we work closely with the Owner and design team. Careful review and analysis of the project allows an owner’s rep to strike a balance between the Owner’s expectations and what can realistically be achieved with respect to quality, available budget and schedule.

During the construction phase, we drive the process by providing leadership and oversight of all activities of the team members, including the architects, engineers, specialist consultants, construction manager and contractors.

Owner’s Representatives aid in the process of overcoming complex challenges within critical deadlines.

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