Project Managers Streamline the Relocation Process to Success

A business relocation is hugely complicated and highly stressful which can lead to extremely expensive mistakes being made by ill-informed managers and owners. Most owners simply appoint someone from in-house such as the CFO, Office Manager ar IT Manager who more than likely won’t have the necessary knowledge or experience to manage a build out and relocation.  If you factor in all the time that managers often put into such a major undertaking, engaging a professional Project Manager / Move Consultant can actually save money.

Vendors are often appointed on an arbitrary basis because your broker or friend “has a guy” or who thinks they know someone who can get a good deal.  These early mistakes result in a breakdown in contractor decisions such as architects, general contractors, interior designers, IT and IT suppliers, cabling specialists, security system installers and furniture suppliers.  Tenant’s often lack proper communication and phasing when they tackle a project on their own leading to delays and cost overruns. Any rescheduling of construction work is bound to have an impact on non-construction tasks and is likely to impact all the other trades.

A project manager will help you get the right staff and get it right such as developing proposals and leveling bids for materials and equipment to be ordered. They manage the landlord, design team, the movers and guide the tenant and its employees at every stage.  If not handled properly, mistakes will be made, things will go wrong and delays are bound to occur. If relocating offers the promise of a leaner, more efficient operation, hiring a project manager will streamline the process to success.

2 Comments on Project Managers Streamline the Relocation Process to Success

  1. Thanks for the info and feedback. Also, tenants are often unaware or find out too late that move consultants/project managers exist to help them through space programming, site selection, construction, bid leveling and phased move plans. Real estate brokers who don’t have internal PM teams can benefit their clients greatly with a value added resource by aligning themselves with a local move consultant who can guide the tenant through to project closeout.

  2. Hi Richard,

    It is still weird to see that many companies prefer on having someone, who is clearly not a project manager and who doesn’t have any PM experience, to work as a PM. They think they’re saving money, while in fact, they are wasting the person’s precious time (who might be, as you mentioned, a CFO) doing things he doesn’t know how to do.

    I have published a very short post on the advantages of PM, hope you’ll get the chance to read it.

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