CEAS Gives Critical Employees Access to their Facilities Following an Emergency

Back on July 18, 2007 in NYC news broke that day of an underground Con Ed steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan that sent hot steam shooting up a 40-story-high shower of mud and flying debris up from beneath the street that rained down on the crowded streets below.

With steam service, telephone and internet disrupted to 15-20 buildings, the area around the explosion was frozen and employees were prohibited from accessing their offices. Businesses in the frozen zone were severely impacted, with financial loss estimates as high as 30 million U.S. Dollars, which could reach into the hundreds of millions if the clean-up went beyond one week.

CEAS or Corporate Emergency Access System pre-authenticates critical employees and vendors BEFORE an event occurs to allow them access to restricted areas and roadways following a disaster or serious emergency. The program uses a secure identification card recognized by the police.  By allowing safe and secure emergency access, CEAS gives businesses the opportunity to put a sound emergency management plan in place. Not only does this ensure the rapid recovery of essential operations, but CEAS also provides businesses with the ability to rescue valuable assets left behind in an emergency such as cash, checks, and securities; retrieve vital records, hardware and critical equipment; stabilize and sustain core IT systems, conduct damage assessments, and much more.

The goal of the program is to help businesses mitigate damage and loss by allowing credentialed employees access to restricted areas following emergency events.  The police will recognize a CEAS card when presented. CEAS cardholders must always comply with a police officer’s decision to deny access, whatever the reason given and access may be limited or denied at any time due to changing conditions. In New York, the MTA, Port Authority, and NYPD are partners in the CEAS program so if bridges and tunnels are secured and deemed safe, access may be granted.

The CEAS Program is currently available in:

City of Stamford

City of Boston
City of Cambridge

City of Baltimore

New York
City of Buffalo
City of New York
– Bronx County
– Kings County
– New York County
– Queens County
– Richmond County
Erie County
Nassau County
Rockland County
Suffolk County

City of Philadelphia

For more information about registering your employees and vendors for the program go to www.ceas.com

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