Fire Safety in Your Office – Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist

Please inspect your premises for the fire and life-safety items listed below. If the item is not in compliance, please correct the item(s) as soon as possible. As a business owner, facility or office manager, your goal is to maintain fire and life-safety and a pleasant environment for you and your co-workers.

This list is a general guideline only for common violations that can be readily determined by the tenant.


      • Make sure your markings for fire lanes are clean and legible
      • Make sure the numbers on your address are 4” tall and contrasting colors
      • Any signs marking fire protection equipment need to be visible and made of durable materials
      • Make sure electrical, sprinkler and FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) rooms are labeled properly.
      • Use approved signage to mark FDC (Fire Department Connection).  If on building, a red sign with white letters: FDC in 6” letters, building address in 2” letters underneath. If off building, address numbers on piping 2” listed vertically.


      • Make sure you have 18” clearance from sprinkler deflector plate for sprinklered areas and 24” ceiling clearance for non-sprinklered areas
      • Do not store combustible materials in your electrical, boiler or mechanical room.
      • If you store combustible materials outside, make sure they are at least 10 feet from the building.
      • Do not store materials around your electrical panels,making sure there is clearance 30” wide, 36” in front, and 78” tall
      • Secure your compressed gas cylinders to prevent falling.
      • Make sure your portable fire extinguisher is installed on hangers or brackets and the top is no more than 60” from the floor. Minimum size required 2A10BC.

      Emergency Exits

      • Make sure your exit signs are illuminated and in good working order. Check the battery backup.
      • Do not store materials in your exit passageways and make sure there is 44” of clearance at exits, or 36” if your occupancy load is less than 50 people.

      Electrical Issues

      • Do not modify your electrical equipment and if it is damaged, have it repaired quickly.
      • Maintain your emergency lighting.
      • Do not use multi-plug adapters or non-fused plug strips in your business.
      • Do not use extension cords for permanent wiring.
      • Make sure your electrical outlets have faceplates and do not splice wires in electrical outlets. If you have a box with lots of wires coming together, make sure it is secure and properly covered.


      • Create a fire suppression file at your business that is easily accessible to your front line staff including all fire protection system testing and maintenance records.
      • Ensure all fire protection system tests have been completed on an annual basis to include sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and private fire hydrants. Hood system testing required every 6 months.

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