Moving Your Office? Don’t Forget These Miscellaneous Tasks on Your Checklist!

Before Move
✔  Obtain new address and phone numbers, as soon as they are available 2 months
✔  Contact your insurance agent to make appropriate changes to your coverage, including notification of new address 1 ½ months
✔  Arrange for printing or copying of change of address cards, including effective date, new phone and fax numbers. 1 ½ months
✔  Send change-of-address cards to banks, insurance carriers, credit card companies, newspapers, magazines, clubs, associations, vendors and customers. 1 month
✔  Notify utility and service companies of connection and disconnection dates. Disconnection should occur after mover’s loading date, and new connection should occur before delivery. 1 month
✔  Ensure that vendors (such as couriers) who deliver to your office are aware that you are moving. 1 month
✔  Order new stationery, invoices, checks, bank deposit tickets, etc. 1 month
✔  Notify landlord’s representative of how you would like your company’s name to appear on the building directory and/or door sign 1 month
✔  If desired, print labels with your new address, phone numbers, and any other pertinent information, to cover the old information 1 month

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