Moving into a Building with Government Offices? The K-9 is King.

If you’re relocating to a building that houses government offices, check with the landlord to see if the moving truck and its contents will be required to be searched by a police K-9 Unit which could alter your move plan and timing significantly.

In a recent Manhattan relocation, our client’s move had to be expedited in order to meet the schedule of the K-9 Unit.  The moving truck was required to be in the loading area by 1pm and its contents off-loaded onto the street and searched by the K-9 prior to wheeling the dollies into the building. And yes, the dog does get a lunch hour.

Had we missed the early afternoon deadline, the K-9 Unit would have moved on to other buildings causing the load-in to be delayed to the following day and adding additional costs to the job.

Since relocations are often planned with a same day load-out from origin and after-hours load-in at destination, a canine search could add significant changes to the project plan.  Check with the landlord for rules and regulations prior to your relocation.

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